Below you’ll find the latest schedule for our upcoming online events. For local (in-person) offerings visit here. All conversations and discussions are on Zoom here.

December Book Discussion (12/8)

December 8th at 7:30pm Eastern, we’ll discuss the the award-winning novel The Overstory.

December Gaian Conversations (12/17)

And in December, our next Conversation will be either Thursday, December 17th at 7pm Eastern. It’ll be just about solstice (winter or summer) and 2021, so we can talk about resolutions we’re considering for the new year. What realistic changes in your life are you thinking about to improve the well-being of you, your family and community, and Gaia? We can explore both negative resolutions (giving up something) and positive resolutions (taking something on) and see if there are ways we can support each other over the year.

January Book Discussion (1/5)

On January 5th at 7:30pm Eastern, we’ll discuss Robert Macfarlane’s Underland, going from the top of the trees in December, to deep underground in January.