Below you’ll find the latest schedule for our upcoming events.

September Gaian Conversation (on Practices and Rituals)

September 24th at 2pm Eastern. If you’re interested in joining, please join via Zoom here. This month we’ll be discussing practices and rituals:

How do you connect with Gaia? What rituals and practices draw you closer to the living planet? Celebrating seasonal cycles? Being in nature? Meditating? Fasting? Gardening? Cleaning up beaches or removing invasive species from forests? It’d be great to explore the myriad ways we connect to the Earth, daily, seasonally, and annually and see if there are new collective practices we could try out.

This is a topic that I’ve been grappling with regularly in Gaian Reflections. Below are some of the reflections in case you want to explore:

October Book Discussion

And coming up on October 6th at 7:30pm Eastern: Our Gaian book club will discuss two books that grapple with collapse: both the possibility of collapse and living through it as well as we can. Join us for an hour-long discussion of:

We’ll meet on Zoom. Borrow your copy from the local library today! Or if you’d like to listen, here is an audio file of Michael Dowd, one of the co-facilitators, reading Another End of the World is Possible. A fast listen at 2.5 hours. Both are quick reads! And best of all, John Halstead will be co-facilitating with Michael!

November Book Discussion

And join us in November for a discussion of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. And listen to Kimmerer on On Being, which should give you a taste of how much your mind will be blown by this book.

December Book Discussion

Planned for December is the award-winning novel The Overstory.