Below you’ll find the latest schedule for our upcoming online events. For local (in-person) offerings visit here. All conversations and discussions are on Zoom here.

March Book Discussion (3/2 at 7pm Eastern)

This month, we’ll read two very quick-to-read books:

With spring almost here (in the northern hemisphere), hopefully many of us will get outside more and connect with Gaia, meditating in natural settings. Forest bathing is often framed around the ‘health benefits’ (to draw individuals in) and those exist, but this practice also connects us to Gaia, an even deeper benefit. We’ll discuss these books and forest meditation in more depth.

Spring Happy Hour (3/11 at 3pm Eastern)

Unlike our Gaian Conversations, where we have a full hour together and a topic, this will be an open hour when people can stop by for just a bit to say hello, share some news, listen to others’ news, while sipping on a warm or cold drink.

March Conversation

At the end of the February conversation we stumbled on a high-energy topic: the personhood of Gaia. There is a spectrum, even within our group: is Gaia simply a holobiont or something more? Join this engaging conversation and help shape when it takes place by filling out this doodle poll.

April Book Discussion (4/7 at 7pm Eastern)

We’ll be discussing The Great Work: Our Way into the Future, by Thomas Berry. If you’ve read this, please join us, and if you haven’t, please read it. And then join us! Bonus: if you haven’t watched Journey of the Universe, that’s a nice supplement to this.

April Conversation

Time and topic to be determined.

May Book Discussion (5/5 at 7pm Eastern)

We’ll be discussing Gaia in Turmoil, an edited volume that stemmed from the 2006 Gaia conference at George Mason University. The conference organizer, Martin Ogle, and conference steering committee member, Tom Ellis, will co-lead this month’s book discussion.

#DoNothingForTheClimateDay (5/13 all day!)

Join us for #DoNothingForTheClimateDay by simply doing nothing. Want tips on how to do nothing? Read here. Want to pledge to do nothing? Sign here. And get your friends to join you because we could all do a bit more nothing!

Want to pledge to do nothing? Sign here.