Below you’ll find the latest schedule for our upcoming online events. For local (in-person) offerings visit here.

All conversations and discussions are on Zoom.

Also, directly below is a Google Calendar that includes Gaian events and holidays, the moon phases, and celestial events (last courtesy of the New York Times space calendar). For local Gaian Guild events, visit this page.

Note: events are displayed in Eastern Time (but will adjust if you import this calendar). You can do that by clicking the + at the bottom right of the calendar (near “Google Calendar”).

Third Meeting of the Gaian Degrowth Pod (6/4, 12-1:30pm ET)

Join us as we finish discussing The Future is Degrowth and brainstorm degrowth actions we can take in our communities. Zoom link is here.

Summer Silence (6/18)

Take a day to still your mind and body the day before summer solstice. Learn more here.

Summer Solstice Celebration (Wednesday, 6/19: 4:30-5:30pm ET)

Is it the longest day or the shortest? That depends on where you’re located on the surface of the planet! Join us for a global celebration hosted by Gaians from both hemispheres. Zoom link is here.

Gaian Guild Support Group (Wednesday, 7/10 at 1pm ET)

If you run a Gaian Guild or are interested in starting one, you are welcome to join this meeting. This support and discussion group runs quarterly. Zoom link is here.

Eco-chaplaincy Discussion (Wednesday 7/17 at 7pm ET)

Simon Fraser University Ecological Chaplain Jason Brown will join us for a discussion about his eco-chaplaincy work. Please read this article about his work, and this essay by Jason before the discussion. Zoom link is here.