With few years left before the rapid shift of Earth’s systems, it is time for a philosophy that can help people to:

a) build a community of those who believe Gaia is sacred and that there is no calling higher than protecting and restoring Gaia;

b) provide ways to stop the horrors that we are unleashing on the planet, ourselves, and countless other species;

c) offer means to prepare–oneself, one’s families, and one’s communities (mentally, physically, and spiritually)–for the difficult and possibly terrible changes coming;

d) find ways to draw others away from the Earth-consuming dominant cultures and toward a Gaian culture.

This website and community are here for that.

Learn more about what Gaianism is, about The Gaian Way, and How you can get involved and read Reflections for a weekly post on living as a Gaian. We also have two online events each month, a listserve, and three local groups if you live in Honolulu, New Orleans, or Connecticut.

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