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Nearly three years ago I created this website. And it has sit there empty and contentless. Not because I don’t feel called to spread the word of Gaia. But perhaps because I feel the call so deeply I want every word here to be perfect and that has created a nearly insurmountable barrier. Especially as I had excuse after excuse to put this off. When I created this site, my son was 4. I had research projects that needed my time, I had other projects that seemed important. Basically anything not to do the hard task of growing a community of Gaians that could support each others’ journeys as we prepare ourselves for the transition ahead.

And yet, I did not remain completely in stasis. I continued to grapple with Gaianism academically, writing twice on the need for an eco-philosophical missionary movement. First in State of the World 2013 and then in the book New Earth Politics. Before that, when I first had the epiphany that Gaia is a living organism that should be at the center of human philosophies and spirituality, I attempted to map out an ethical code, which I called Living Earth Ethics. These have guided my personal actions since I wrote them between 2008-2010, especially in my decision to have only one child, which while a difficult choice (even today seven years later) felt like the only ethically right choice considering what I know about the coming century. The years ahead are going to be brutal; millions will inevitably suffer as cities flood, and droughts, fires, and famine ravish the lands. And having more than one child will just heighten my already overly large contribution to the coming chaos.

It’s almost apocalyptic, but unlike ancient prophecies, this is actually rooted in science. The ice cores and fossil record tells us of the great horrors we’ve just released upon ourselves. And unlike ancient prophecies, this isn’t the end times, but a dark age, the end of the growth-centric consumer era, one from which humanity will most likely bounce back from. Some, like Joanna Macy, hope that this will be a “Great Turning.” Sadly, the odds of it being great are low—we’ve waited too long to change, special interests are too entrenched, the people are too much in a consumer trance, trapped in the cave watching flickering shadows of celebrities or the flickering tongues of pundits and politicians spewing untruths. But there is a possibility—a hope—that, after centuries of darkness, instead of once again pursuing empire and growth, future cultures can be grounded in a Gaian worldview.

That is the mission and calling of Gaians—to seed a Gaian philosophy, one that improves the wellbeing of people and Gaia now, provides our community meaning, prepares them for the transition ahead, and helps sow the seeds of a new Gaian-centric culture that could take root in the disrupted soils of the post-consumer era and grow over centuries into a philosophy that keeps Gaia always at the center and prevents us from destroying ourselves, millions of species, and Earth’s systems again in the future.lone-tree-1934897_1280

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5 Responses

  1. Julian

    Hello friend,

    I’m currently on mobile, so please excuse my relative brevity. But I just have to encourage you to keep going.
    You’re not alone. I’m a CS student from Germany and, like you, I embrace Gaian philosophy. I like your realistic approach – effort is required, we have defined a goal and we need to reach it. Through action, not actionism.
    The point is to do what matters, not what makes you look good. Producing garbage, using dirty electricity and other pollution is for those in power to change. We simply do not have the option right now, as renewable energy still depends on metal, plastic and semi-conductor industry.
    It is in our hand to do what we can, by activism to promote larger changes, but also by focusing on what we can do. Walk or use public transit, save energy and water – we can do all of those things.
    A spiritual component complements the scientific one, I firmly believe that this is justified if just to motivate those in need of guidance. It can provide comfort and a feeling of responsibility, painting an image of a larger “clockwork”, but also a loving mother that nourishes us.

    I’ll be checking back regularly, I’ll be reading and I’ll be commenting. I hope you will notice this comment and I hope you will continue your inspirational posts.

  2. Richard

    Hello there!

    As crazy as it sounds I had an epiphany yesterday while meditating that the earth was in fact a living organism. I’m still grappling with all this though in searching the internet I came across your wonderful website. Please please keep going, the fact you have this website is fantastic so please keep up the good work. Like Julian, I will be checking this website regularly and hopefully be able to spread the word help save this planet from ecological disaster!!

    • Erik Assadourian

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I too had that same recognition–back in 2006–but it’s taken me too many years of writing around that feeling rather than addressing it directly, such as this essay. Now I am rectifying that.

      Please do check back regularly–as I will be posting regularly. My hope is that over time, a fledgling community of Gaians will develop in a way that allow for mutual support now, but also as ecological changes accelerate and things become far less stable.



  3. Susan

    I am with you.
    Thank you for this website. I was unable to find a path that included all my beliefs in one system. I was blending together ideas from different beliefs and it felt very isolating. I’m hoping in time to find others as well, but this site is a welcomed surprise to find. Thank you for the years and time you’ve put into this. Reading your entries has put me at ease. I’ve lived my life simply; one child, lessoning my footprint on Gaia, etc. I’ve thought about giving up. “What’s the point of putting so much work into this, and limiting my life/suffering, if everything I’m doing is being overwritten by others anyway?” as I’ve seen you speak about in a post. This has given me a purpose to focus on more clearly. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing what the future brings.

    Thank you,

    • Erik Assadourian

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your story, Susan! Every bit helps and not doing it hurts, so please don’t despair. My hope is that over time, we find others that support us in continuing to do our utmost to help heal Gaia. Then those actions not only feel part of something bigger, but bond you directly to your community, and even encourage you to strive more.

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