From the beginning, the goal has been to cultivate direct relationships between Gaians, cultivating local community building, and inviting others into this community. While started as primarily virtual (and continues to have a significant online presence) the hope is that over time Gaians create their own local groups (or guilds), to support each other, to deepen connection to the Earth, and to play a restorative ecological role in their area (as this reflection details). Three have taken root so far, one in Honolulu, one in New Orleans, and one in Middletown, Connecticut.

Honolulu, Hawai’i

The Gaian Guild of Hawai’i Nei meets on the first Saturday of each month for meditation, discussion, and connection. We meet outdoors at different locations, with a Zoom-in option. To connect with the guild, contact Krista Hiser

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Crescent City Gaian Guild meets every Saturday to celebrate Gaia and support one another in our efforts to blaze a Gaian path. We are alternating between meeting online (via Zoom) and in-person (outdoors, at a distance) so please sign up for weekly email notices, or join their Meetup Group, or contact Bart Everson for more information. All welcome, even the idly curious.

Middletown, Connecticut

The Middletown Gaian Guild hosts monthly forest meditations on the second Sunday of the month. The calendar is below. If interested, please email for more details and to be added to the email list. Note: only thunderstorms and bad driving conditions will cancel these mediations. Rain and even light snow will not (bring proper clothing and a cushion if you need one).

Upcoming Meditation:
  • 10/10: Meditation, 4pm, Indian Hill Cemetery for a Corpse Meditation (at the top of the hill).
Map for location at Wadsworth Falls (when we’re at Wadsworth Falls)